Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Run Brandi Run

This is not the shot I planned on getting today. Mother Nature gave me something better to work with.

Nikon d40
kit lens @22mm
ISO 400
natural light
spot metered

Right as I got home tonight a storm began to rev up. I quickly got the child and the husband eating dinner and ran outside to capture the amazing sky.
You can see from the golden hue that the sun was still warming the sky behind me, casting it's beautiful warm glow all over the leaves of our huge cotton wood tree.

I did minimal post processing. I tend to agree with Scott in most cases less is more, in the processing department. I needed to brighten things up a bit, which, I knew I was going to have to do when I took the picture. I didn't have quite enough time to make all the necessary adjustment, I barely made it inside before the skies unleashed and raindrops the size of my head fell from the sky.

After the rain calmed the girl child and I went out to play in the puddles. I was pretty sure that I would post a picture of the girl splashing but there was just something about the glow of anticipation in this photo I had to post it. Luckily for me I'll just take my 'rejects' and put them on my other blog.

Thanks Mother Nature, for once it paid to procrastinate.



  1. That was one heck of a blow! I love the lighting - like you said, still a warm glow. Wait...did that rhyme? I can't do that. Way too annoying - sort of like a gnat.

    Little past my bedtime. Great work Brandi!

  2. Nice shot! Storms are always fun to get pictures of and clouds are just too fascinating.