The Rules - Start Here!

While none of us is particularly great at following the rules there should be a few guidelines to help us on our little journey.

*A person posts a photo of their choosing, taken by themselves (we are not thieves). This photo does not have to be technically wonderful (but since we've taken them they will be) but it does have to tie in with the photo before it. It can link by subject matter, color, style, using a play on words or any other "tie-in" that can be thought up. Let's get creative.

*All photos should be posted with their settings. ISO, shutter speed (SS), aperture (f-stop). As well as the camera and lens type.

*The photo must be a "new" photo. If you have a photo that would work that has been taken in the last 7 days you may use that. No photo taken more than 7 days prior to your day can be used under penalty of death.

*You may include a narrative on why you chose this photo and how it ties into the photo before it or well.. not.

*Photos must be posted by midnight on your given day. 12:01am and you'll be severely reprimanded.

*The person behind you has until midnight the following day to post his/her follow up.

*Should a participant be unable to post within the 24hour window the person next up will take their spot.

Example: Sere takes a photo on Monday. Jay'me is bogged down with a sick child and misses her post on Tuesday. Scott would post on Wednesday building off of Sere's Monday photo.

*If a participant knows that he or she won't be available on their given day they can email the others to make adjustments to the schedule.