Monday, June 6, 2011

Flat - The End

I think it's obvious we've fallen flat. What once started (almost a year ago) as a way to challenge ourselves, and each other, has become a burden. Something we "have to get done". That's just not what this place should be.

It's understandable though. Our collective lives have chanced dramatically. Our kids are another year older and need more of our attention. I've lost my husband and my friends lost their friend. You wouldn't think that a years time for a group of mid-thirties people would be so profound. This should be the part of life where the days just sail by. That's simply not true for any member of the 3C1D family. We've all got our own fights right now that simply cannot need more of us.

I thought after losing Scott that I would need this place to regain some of myself. That I would bury myself in my photography and I would once again find solace with my camera. While all of that is true on some level, I find myself with less time, more stress, more distractions. All leading to less creativity.

My photography has grown so much in the last year. I have this blog and my wonderful partners in crime to thank for that. I know there is still more to learn, more to do and more love for photography and I'm certainly going to keep doing all of that. I'll just be doing it when life allows and with less stress.

Thank you to everyone that has ever visited our little place on the web. We've made some great friends along the way.

To my comrades, I love you all. You were my best friends before this and that isn't going to change with it's ending.

Nothing but love.



  1. Ah, sadness. And just as I was getting into it. I am bummed to read this news but I understand too. It always seems that when times are the toughest and I am most needing to process my thoughts through blogging, I don't have the time. And it becomes a burden. When you have a passion like writing or photography, it's good to recognize before it's too late that you need a break (so you can keep that passion for it). Best to you all. Sara

  2. I know this is very late to post - I've been recovering from surgery (one month tomorrow and coming along fine) and just today I was able to get back in the groove online.

    I was so sad to see that 3chicks1dude has come to an end. I sure understand how hard it is to maintain the fun in something that requires hard work and a lot of attention, but closing the door has to be a little tough, too.

    In the past year, I've seen some great shots here, and I've learned a lot. It's been a pleasure. Take care, Brandi, Sere, Scott, and Jay'me, and please know that you all will be missed.