Saturday, January 22, 2011


I really liked Jay'me/Craig's photo. I happen to sail a bunch and it immediately brought about feelings from summers past. Originally, I planned on photographing a few things I own that also evoke memories of sailing. Instead, during bath time I had my boys do their best pirate impersonations. The first thing they did was give themselves bubble beards. And then the "Rrrrr Matey" reared its head and I had no choice but to snap away. I took about 60 shots and decided this one of Brandon was my favorite.

Canon 30D
EF 24-70mm f/2.8L
Aperture f/2.8
Shutter 1/100
ISO 1000
Natural Light

This is a setting where my most expensive lens really shines. The lighting sucks in this bathroom but I didn't want to use flash (read: I was lazy). But because of the incredible optical quality this lens possesses, even when wide open, I was able to get sharp photos with great bokeh. You really can't substitute for good glass.

I shot in color and later converted to black and white. I also blew out some of the highlights and backed off the shadows. Finally, I applied a noise reducer and sharpened before converting to JPEG.

As always thanks for checking in. Tomorrow you will be treated to the photographic art of RJ, our most recent WW winner. Check it out and be sure to tell him hi!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Faces Friday with Jay'me's brother

While I can't take the credit for taking this photo there is a face in it! Get out your binoculars and squint. When I saw Sere's post I thought of a photo my Brother-in-law had just shared with me. What a fabulous shot. He was watching this guy free climb to the top of the mast to work on his boat. TERRIFYING and DEATH DEFYING ~ let's not pre-dial 911, let's start shooting with the camera phone. As you can see, I think Craig earned today's post and I honor him with my day. The sky and moon just happen to have been perfect. Super shot Craig! This is straight off of his phone, absolutely no adjustments! This guy would probably pay big bucks to have this hanging in his house.

camera phone
ISO 80

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Talkless Thursday with Sere

No 3C1D is not starting something new, I just had to come up with some catchy title. Due to some confusion, mostly on my part, I did not post yesterday. So here I am posting on Thursday, but the same rules apply as they do for Wordless Wednesday.

The poster (that's me) will post a picture and its settings, no other verbiage is allowed. The commenter's (that's you) will guess in the comments section below how my pictures associates with yesterday's (Tuesday's) picture. It can be a setting. It can be a play on words. It can be a theme. In every photograph there are numerious ties, thus creating no right or wrong answers. Just make your comment below and you will be entered into our drawing to be our next guest photographer.

What if I am not good enough to be a guest photographer?
You are good enough! We love all kinds of photographers! That's what makes this so much fun. We believe that every person has their own unique view of this world and we want to see it through the lens of your camera. Any camera goes, camera phone, point and shoot, film camera that has its pictures turned into jpgs, high end professional cameras, any and all of them! So make a guess and have some fun!

How does it all work?
The contest will go on until my (Sere's) next post. I will use to choose the winner and post the story behind the picture and what my connection is, along with my photo for that day. All you have to do, as our chosen winner, is email your photo before 10pm on your post day. Usually on a Sunday, but we are flexible. The photo has to be yours, has to tie into the photo from the day before, and 3C1D has to be authorized to use it. Just remember to keep checking back with us to make sure you get the post about who has won (and to keep seeing some neat photographs).

Only one guess per person. Have fun!!!


Nikon D90
Lens 18-70mm @18mm
Aperture F/3.5
Shutter 1.3 secs.
No Flash

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pull it

You all know how much I love machines, gear and such. I'm so glad the trend stayed so I could post my own photo. I had huge ambitions today. Far to lofty for me to actually tackle on a dark, gloomy, Chicago winter day.
I had to box away my lofty goals for today. Tuck them away for the glorious spring time that will be coming soon (hopefully).

As a result, I had to pull something from the achieves today. Good thing I have lots and lots of photos with gear and such in them. I chose this one because I think this chain is beautiful, just like Scott's picture. Call me strange but I've been in love with this photo since the moment I took it.

Nikon d40 kit lens @34mm
shutter speed 1/1250sec
aperture f/4.5
natural light

Here again is that "sweet spot" on my lens. The perfect balance of bokah and crisp depth of field. This picture makes it look like I know what I'm doing. I assure you I do not.

Considering more than half of the United States is covered in snow and ice, I'm wondering what everyone is taking photos of. There is only so long you can stand outside and freeze to death taking a photo of snow covered foliage before the roar of a fire and the need for hot chocolate takes over. Tell me what you're taking photos of. Oh and please chastise me for not getting a Speedlight before the eternal darkness fell upon us.

MmmmKay... Thanks.... Bye....

Monday, January 17, 2011

Machines It Is!

Happy Monday all! I hope by now you're all recovering from the holidays. I only say that because I thought I was on my way and then B dropped off a few Irish Car Bomb cupcakes and I've got to start all over with my recovery. Holy buckets are they good! Word to the wise, if Brandi says "can I bring over (fill-in-your-choice-of-baked-good)" just say YES! You will not regret it!

With that out of the way, I'd like to announce the winner from the most recent "Wordless Wednesday" comments. Congratulations to RJ Martin, who, if I'm not mistaken, is a first time commentor! Thanks for stopping by RJ. And drop us a line at so we can fill you in on the details of posting.

As for my post, I dug into my archives again, but only because it fit so well. Furthermore, there is little to zero chance I'll get to shoot this magical place again. This is a photo of a privately owned, working steam engine, which is housed in an insulated sheet metal barn. Additionally, there is the most complete working European salon carousal in existence and several other amazing motors and engines. The best part is that this barn is not even the grandest location. The private home next to the barn houses perhaps the most amazing collection of automatic music machines ever assembled. And that still is not the best part! In this house, there is a room that houses the worlds largest stage pipe organ and seating for around 300 people. It's truly astounding. Click here for the website.

I could go on and on about this place. For example, in one room in the basement, Mr. Sanfilippo has a collection of nickelodeons. Once you put your nickel in you are treated to a 1920's version of a strip tease whilst cranking the arm on the side. You should have seen my mother, who was raised strict Catholic and taught by nuns, when she discovered the surprise. Simply priceless.

I had an absolute blast shooting photos of this place and it really was my first experience with digital. My dad allowed me the use of his Nikon D70 and away I went. So here's the photo I choose for today:

Nikon D70
Kit lens
Aperture f/5.0
Shutter 1/60
Pop-up flash used

One of the things I notice now is the difference in color temperature. Were I doing this again, I would use gels with the flash to minimize the difference. What I really like still to this day is the composition. You should have seen me laying down in black tie to shoot this - certainly something I would do again.

The connection is the machine thing but also the slant in composition. Thanks Mamalu for posting. I can't tell you how awesome it is having you all to share with. RJ, plan on next Sunday for your post and drop us a line for details. Have a great week everyone! I'm out!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mamalu in the kitchen

It's Sunday and you know what that means....



Mamalu was the winner of Wordless Wednesday two weeks ago. This weeks Wordless Wednesday winner will be announced by Scott tomorrow. Run over and get your name on the list.

Mamalu on joining us...
Thanks for the opportunity. This is great fun, but soooo easy to get carried away! I pulled out a lot of kitchen “machines” (or would they be tools!) to come up with this.

I use a Sony DSC-V1, a 5-year-old 5.2MP point-and-shoot. It was once top of the line in Sony’s “pro-sumer” line, and it has served me well. One day maybe I’ll move up, but for now, I’m happy with it.

Mamalu on the photo...
"Machine? Or tool? I like both, so here’s my gears for today, and I think I’ll use this one right about now! Enjoy!"

Mamalu (aka Mary Lou Griggs)

Cheers to you Mamalu

Mamalu we don't care if you have a camera phone photo from 2001 to share, with subject matter like this, you can join us anytime!