Friday, January 21, 2011

Faces Friday with Jay'me's brother

While I can't take the credit for taking this photo there is a face in it! Get out your binoculars and squint. When I saw Sere's post I thought of a photo my Brother-in-law had just shared with me. What a fabulous shot. He was watching this guy free climb to the top of the mast to work on his boat. TERRIFYING and DEATH DEFYING ~ let's not pre-dial 911, let's start shooting with the camera phone. As you can see, I think Craig earned today's post and I honor him with my day. The sky and moon just happen to have been perfect. Super shot Craig! This is straight off of his phone, absolutely no adjustments! This guy would probably pay big bucks to have this hanging in his house.

camera phone
ISO 80


  1. Nice shot Craig!! And shot from a phone! Nice work and way to spring into action when opportunity came calling.

  2. I've done this. It's a blast! The person in the cockpit cranks you up on a winch that's attached to a boatswain chair. Then you just have to make sure you don't drop any tools. Good shot Craig!

  3. Crazy people I tell you haha. Nice camera phone shot though.

  4. That is too cool! Go Craig (though I don't know you!)