Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pull it

You all know how much I love machines, gear and such. I'm so glad the trend stayed so I could post my own photo. I had huge ambitions today. Far to lofty for me to actually tackle on a dark, gloomy, Chicago winter day.
I had to box away my lofty goals for today. Tuck them away for the glorious spring time that will be coming soon (hopefully).

As a result, I had to pull something from the achieves today. Good thing I have lots and lots of photos with gear and such in them. I chose this one because I think this chain is beautiful, just like Scott's picture. Call me strange but I've been in love with this photo since the moment I took it.

Nikon d40 kit lens @34mm
shutter speed 1/1250sec
aperture f/4.5
natural light

Here again is that "sweet spot" on my lens. The perfect balance of bokah and crisp depth of field. This picture makes it look like I know what I'm doing. I assure you I do not.

Considering more than half of the United States is covered in snow and ice, I'm wondering what everyone is taking photos of. There is only so long you can stand outside and freeze to death taking a photo of snow covered foliage before the roar of a fire and the need for hot chocolate takes over. Tell me what you're taking photos of. Oh and please chastise me for not getting a Speedlight before the eternal darkness fell upon us.

MmmmKay... Thanks.... Bye....


  1. Mmm, I love this! I'm using my homemade lightscoop to take pictures of my boy since he still lets me. And I'm using what little natural light that comes in my window to take pictures of my crochet projects. Oh and we went for a walk when the weather warmed and there were some pansys!

  2. Snowflakes and Ice my friend. Snowflakes and Ice. Not very good at taking pictures of either one of them, but I'm trying. Although I don't think you can do too much with snowflakes without a macro lens. *sigh* Love the rustic nature of your shot.

  3. This is a seriously cool chain! Rough and rusty, and maybe a lot of experience, but that's all superficial; it is solid and ready to work. Hmm... That chain kind of reminds me of ME! lol Nice shot!