Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mamalu in the kitchen

It's Sunday and you know what that means....



Mamalu was the winner of Wordless Wednesday two weeks ago. This weeks Wordless Wednesday winner will be announced by Scott tomorrow. Run over and get your name on the list.

Mamalu on joining us...
Thanks for the opportunity. This is great fun, but soooo easy to get carried away! I pulled out a lot of kitchen “machines” (or would they be tools!) to come up with this.

I use a Sony DSC-V1, a 5-year-old 5.2MP point-and-shoot. It was once top of the line in Sony’s “pro-sumer” line, and it has served me well. One day maybe I’ll move up, but for now, I’m happy with it.

Mamalu on the photo...
"Machine? Or tool? I like both, so here’s my gears for today, and I think I’ll use this one right about now! Enjoy!"

Mamalu (aka Mary Lou Griggs)

Cheers to you Mamalu

Mamalu we don't care if you have a camera phone photo from 2001 to share, with subject matter like this, you can join us anytime!


  1. Great photo, Mary Lou! You made a common kitchen gadget look like an artsy sculpture. I like the shallow depth of field, and the sharpness is good. Congrats on a very creative interpretation of a machine or tool.


  2. Love it Mamalu! In fact, I was inspired to open a bottle of Cabernet for dinner because of you. For that I must say thank you. I didn't know how much I needed wine tonight! And great composition. It's something I always need work on and I think you did a great job. Thanks for posting!

  3. Love the viewpoint on this one. The metal is very sharp and composition is good. Love it!