Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The poster(that's me) will post a picture and its settings. No other verbiage is allowed. The commenter's(that's you)will guess in the comments section below how my picture associates with yesterdays(Tuesday's) picture. It can be a setting. It can be a play on words. It can be a theme. In every photo there are numerous ties, thus creating no right or wrong answer. Just make a comment below and you will be entered into our drawing to be our next guest photographer.

What if I am not good enough to be a guest photographer?
You are good enough. We love all kinds of photographers! That's what makes this so much fun. We believe that everybody has a unique view of this world and we want to see it through the lens of your camera. Any camera goes, camera phone, point and shoot, film camera that has its photos turned into jpgs., high end professional grade cameras, any and all of them! So make a guess and have some fun!

How does this all work?
The contest will go on until my (Scott's) next post. I will use to choose the winner and post the story behind my picture and what the connection is, along with my photo for that day. All you have to do, as our chosen winner, is email us your picture before 10pm on your post day. Usually on a Sunday, but we are flexible. The photo has to be yours, has to tie into the picture from the day before, and 3C1D has to be authorized to use it. Just remember to keep checking back with us to make sure you get the post about who has won.

Only one guess per person. Have fun!


Canon 30D
EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro
Aperture f/4.0
Shutter 1/30
Natural Light


  1. The droplets of water and nascent ice.

  2. Dang I Dig Big Dan, That's the most beautiful word I've read in a long time.
    NASCENT: |ˈnāsənt; ˈnasənt|
    (esp. of a process or organization) just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential : the nascent space industry.
    • Chemistry (chiefly of hydrogen) freshly generated in a reactive form.

  3. Well, I think the connection is the snow and ice, but I also see a connection between the petals and hair. I'm not sure how to explain it as I am super tired right now, but it's in the shape. I guess the way the wet horse hair is separated looks like the petals.

    I love the photos as usual! Both Wed and Tues!

  4. Jay'me...
    I was the kid who always got picked last for football teams and first for spelling bees. It's followed me all my life.

  5. Well Big Dan, Both Scott and I love Scrabble, I was a jock-ett. So I'm a want-a-be good speller. I pick YOU for my team.

  6. I see how the eye, eye lashes, and hair on the horse associates with the flower. The yellow inside is the "eye", the purple petals are the hair and the green stems are the eyelashes.

  7. Mother Nature's fleeting gems of winter in fauna and flora.