Thursday, January 13, 2011


Another outstanding photo from Scott to follow up. I'm a pretty lucky girl, or I guess maybe I'm unlucky because how does one follow up such great photos. This is my quandary.
While I sort out my rather confusing feelings you can go over and enter to win this weeks Wordless Wednesday, all the cool kids are doing it.

While I was thinking about what I should take a photo of I decided that anything snow covered would do. So off I went to the job site I "work" at from time to time. Scott went with a soft and delicate blooming flower and went with the polar opposite. A hard, stark, brick.

Nikon D40 kit lens @ 42mm
shutter speed 1/800
aperture f/5.3
ISO 200
natural light

Another non-macro macro. I was really working on finding the "sweet spot" on my lens. I've been reading that all lenses, even the often poo-pooed kit lens, has a sweet spot. A spot where given the right aperture, the right shutter speed and the right light, the lens will truly shine. I think I figured out today that my "sweet spot" is right around the f/5.3 that this was taken at. My tookis was freezing so my analysis is incomplete but it's a starting position for sure.
So tell me fellow photogs... Do you believe in the sweet spot? Have you found it on your favorite lenses.



  1. I couldn't tell you about the sweet spot as my lenses are the kits or close to it. The lowest they go are 3.5... not exactly the shallowest depth... Lol.

    I just wanted to say I love the snow on the brick.

  2. Beautiful shot. Love the ice on the brick. I don't know what my "sweet spot" is for any of my lens'. I suppose I should figure that out at some point :).

  3. I believe in the sweet spot but I'm not sure I always find it effectively. As for the shot, I wonder what a black reflector would have done. The idea is to soak up some of that light and increase shadows and contract, It might have sucked but I'm curious what it would have done. Well done B!