Tuesday, January 11, 2011

& They Go With Shit Kickers

Cannon Rebel XT
f 13.o
ISO 400
natural light
So, I was out doing what I do in my "Muckers".
I was catching snow as it fell and I couldn't get past the melted then re-frozen ice hanging on the horses. There are a few delicate flakes still hanging dangerously close to "Sharkys" warm face.
Yes you do need boots to hang in this crowd and they do love to be inquisitive. They are great models and quite frankly their my friends. Most of the human friends I have that hang out here wear the Cool Carharts Sere has. I don't-YET...
I hope you enjoy this lovely boys eye and his dangling temporary jewel.


  1. I am in LOVE. So beautiful! I could stare at this for hours and look into this beauties soul.
    Beautiful shot Jay'me.

  2. Beautiful shot!! Love it!! Come on Jay'me join the Carhartt crowd haha. They are actually very warm and serviceable.

  3. Thank you girls! It felt great to get out and shoot.

  4. So...I'm really late in commenting but you did a great job with this one Jay'me. You used cropping effectively, drew the focus appropriately, and played the lines off one another in a very creative way. Excellent shot J! Might be the best yet!