Saturday, January 15, 2011


Our poor Jay'me is having a difficult day. She arrived on my (Brandi) doorstep and said "the kids had games, we ran out gas, had to get towed, the gas gauge is broken and I have nothing to post."
I gave her a giant hug and said "I can take care of that."

My darling "Aunt" Mel sent me the below photo and asked me what my professional opinion was. After I got done laughing (it took days) at the idea of me being a professional I told her I loved it. I've been looking for a time to share it will all of you and the time has finally come.

I have no idea what she took the photo with and I know none of her settings. All I know is I love this photo.
You all have probably figured out I like random abstract pieces of steel, gears and such. It's just the way I am.

Jay'me gives the post her seal of approval and yet neither of us can come with a tie-in. We're going to go with red. Sere's sons jacket and the gear are both red-ish. Weak but it works.

Tomorrow night we get another treat MamaLou will be joining us as last weeks Wordless Wednesday winner. There is still time to put your name in the drawing for this weeks winner. Just click here and leave a comment.

That's all from here kids.

Brandi and Jay'me

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  1. I love this kind of shot - sort of framing within the framing. And the colors are great too. Nice shot Aunt Mel!