Monday, January 10, 2011

Carhartt's Are Cool to Wear....

Sere here to announce our Wordless Wednesday winner! Yay!! chose Mamalu to be our winner this week. She said "Merry and Bright, molded cartoon figures to bring delight." Loved the rhyming, very catchy. The story behind that picture was that I was taking down our Christmas tree when I saw Mickey, Donald and Pluto all set up by my son on my end table. They immediately caught my attention as possible subjects because of their bright colors. I also wanted to play around with Christmas lights as a backdrop one last time before I let the holiday season go. So there it was, my post and connection to Brandi's toy picture. Bright colors and a whimsical, child-like charm to both.

I am so excited to see what Mamalu has in store for us! Mamalu please email us at for your further instructions. Now on to my post for today.

But before I show you my post I have to tell you the story behind this post. I had been waiting all day to see if the snow would start falling so I could practice taking pictures of snow and snowfall and all of that. Well the snow never showed up, at least during the day, so now I am scrambling to try and get a picture of something before my light fades.

I am out doing my dog chores and realize that if I am going to get any shots I need to take them, like now. So I'm out in my chore clothes which are Carhartt's trying to fumble around and get a picture taken. I understand if you don't have any idea what Carthartt's are. Until I moved out to the middle of nowhere, I had no idea what they were either. But around here, they are as commonplace as, well, ipods in the city and suburbs. And soooo very cool to wear. In fact you see people wearing them out on the ski slopes so you know they have to be cool, haha. I am including a couple of shots of what they are under my post. So here is what I got.

Olympus Stylus Tough 3000
Point and Shoot @ 7mm
Aperture F/5
Shutter 1/100 sec.
ISO-64(not sure how it came up with that number)
No Flash, natural lighting

My Nikon was giving me fits about this cold weather so I had to switch to the Olympus, which can handle the cold weather a lot better. But it is a point and shoot with all these scene modes that you can choose, not anything I can set up on my own. But it supposedly had a Macro and Super Macro mode that I tried. It wasn't so macroey, but that's okay it was still fun to use. My connection to S4's is the white light in the background of his shot and my white snow. Now as promised my Carhartt pics. Yep my Carhartt's are almost identical to these, except my pants are black and my coat is more of a brown color then a tan color. Mine even have the cool zipper that runs up my entire leg so you can unzip the pants to get work boots on and off. Totally awesome!

Jay'me is up tomorrow. Enjoy!



  1. Rockin' the Carharts. I must have said 20 times during my trip to Iowa this past weekend that everyone wear Carharts now. Used to be a sign of a farmer, or outdoor worker of some kind now it's a status symbol. Too funny.
    Great job!!

  2. I wore a black Carhartt jacket when I toke my pic!


  3. Haha S4 I love it!!! I know Brandi they are everywhere I turn. Gas stations, restaurants, seriously the ski slopes.... How bulky and uncomfortable can you be skiing? And then my adorable hubby tells me that he skiied in Carhartts! Those were the people I avoided on the slopes LOLs!