Saturday, November 13, 2010

Magic Hat

iphone 3

Yesterdays post was a nice representation of animal affection/relationship.
My house is full of puppy love...
What It's not full of is working cameras.
I'm seriously down to my camera phone. I will be getting a capable camera soon, very soon I hope.
Unfortunately, It was rainy today and tough I took many shots, what I have to offer is very ordinary indeed. I tried really hard to get a girl with puppy shot. They were all very orange and when I adjusted what I could they were VERY blurry!
Unfortunately my only tie is they're both girls and yes she was posing with her "Magic Hat"
I wish she could pull out a Magic camera for me...
I went black and white because it flows better with the graininess.


  1. Way to over come adversity Jay'me! I love it. I think the grainy feeling adds a lot of depth and emotion to the photo.
    I'm not an iphone girl but maybe someone else reading this is. I've heard that there are really great iphone camera apps that do cool tricks and such. Would be fun to try some of those out until you get a new big girl toy.

  2. I was going to agree with Brandi. I downloaded an app on my phone and have been playing around with color, "masking" (not sure if that is a photog term or a phone camera term), and some other stuff. It's kinda fun!
    On another note: I love the button nose and how an open mouth on a kid just looks like they are so interested and invested in the moment. What a terrific little girl.

  3. The graininess does add a nice texture to the picture. I'm always amazed how slight alterations in the picture, whether graininess or black and white, or whatever, can add so much more emotion to the subject. I guess therein lies some of the artistry!

  4. Thank you guys! Your feed back as always means a lot. I'll keep my camera phone shootin for now.
    I'll learn from this. Maybe it's making the spaces and positioning of lights that I'm in work for me.