Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Anything for a Friend

Hi All- It's Brandi. Yes I realize it's Jay'me's turn to blog. Jay'me has her hands full this evening and asked me to jump in and blog on her behalf.
You see Jay'me has never blogged before so the idea of coming here to this little box and writing down all her wild thoughts had her feeling a little intimidated. I can't say I blame her, I felt that way once too. I got over it, now I can't get away from the blog world. Without further ramblings I give you Jay'me's magnificent photo and her comments.


Cannon Rebel
18-55 lens
in Auto

There are a couple of trees at a corner I have passed for more than 20 years. I have wanted to photograph the gnarly, exposed, barked roots, well..since I can remember!!
This is related to the first photo (Brandi's) as it's an interesting sign/scene you/I passed many times. And when Scott's photo had a tree in the background it was perfect.
I took these while engulfed in a mosquito cloud. The kids were in the car parked on the side of the street and I was RUSHING!!!
Not so techie but I tried... This tree will be revisited this winter when the contrast of roots and fresh snow will be stunning.


Brandi again. See I told you I just couldn't stay away.
Hopefully, the next to report in will be Sere. I say hopefully because Sere is away with her husband in beautiful (and steamy) Savannah Georgia.

Great job Jay'me. Way to overcome obstacles and still get in the shot (a beautiful shot at that). Let's see where Sere takes us.


  1. Nice work Jay'me! That's a great tree. And so far we're 3 for 3! Alright Sere, kick some butt!

  2. hey guys! Loving the pictures already! I am going to try and get something posted tomorrow. The internet connection at the hotel here is crappy but my wheels are turning! What to do, what to do.....
    :0) Sere

  3. Jay'me, I knew it was going to be a tree!!! I am loving that one. I want a fall pic too with it's leaves changing colors ;)...and of course a fresh snow on the roots would be breathtaking.