Thursday, September 2, 2010

Did someone say Bling - Aint no Thing?

BOY OH BOY ! Me & bling - not so much... I went for my daughters jewelery box and she's 6.
I've been working on another project and figuring out how to create "Clear" rock ice for it. (It's not easy). When I found a huge faux ring missing it's stone; I found my shot. Now the work and metamorphosis begins. HOW do I make this thing shine like BLING???
I'm not sure How this worked, But here it is...
Again, sorry for breaking our rules with multiple photos. However; I feel your comments may help me to compare them and learn about what it was I did here.

I worked in my kitchen dimming all but the spot lights over the sink area. Then I got busy finding the right spot to get this.

I worked this shot in shop. I went Black and white and bumped up the contrast.

Cannon Rebel
f 5.6
Flash on
ISO 400

This shot is interesting as it but the next was pretty cool too.

f .25
ISO 800

Last but not least... The MANUAL shot !

f 5.6
Flash on
ISO 800


  1. Cold as ice! LOVES it. Seeing all the detail in the ice is incredible.
    I think the first shot is my favorite. The black and white, high contrast is impressive. Very dramatic. Did you learn something seeing the differences in the photos with the different settings? I certianly can see the difference.
    Another stunning job.

  2. I think I like the first shot best as well. I love the black and white contrast. I don't use black and white enough and you've used it great in these shots. ALthough I think I like the detail in the third shot the best. Is your sink black or did you do something else to get the black background? Nice shot!

  3. @ Sere: That's just my kitchen without any lights on. The first few shots I was capturing reflected light and back ground clutter. As I changed up the depth of field it got darker behind the ice. At least I think that's how it went. I was shooting off shots and changing pretty quickly. This was my second piece of ice and darn it, It melts quickly!
    @ Brandi, Thank you They are all so different and the color and detail on the last one surprised me.