Saturday, September 4, 2010

Watch Your Wallets...

The carnival is in town.

Nikon d40
18-55 lens (again, sigh)
ISO 400
natural light, spot metering

How does one follow up on Scott's post from yesterday?
I decided the only way I could possibly bring up with rear would be to go BIG. And by big I mean three stores big.

Three days ago my daughter and I noticed that the carnival was in town. I knew immediately that I wanted to take some nighttime photos of the carnival. All the lights, screams of the the wild teenagers, the smell of imitation cheese on the nachos and fried dough for the funnel cakes. Who can possibly resist a carnival?

Tonight gave me that opportunity. Daughter and husband safely at home with my mom, my dad and I ventured out to the wild world of the carnies. We met up with Scott and made our first outing as a team for 3C1D. My dad was a trooper and followed me around, carrying my tripod at times and listening to the endless photography jargon.

This photo was the 10th picture I took. Went on to take another 40. When will I learn to quit early?
I immediately went to the Ferris wheel upon arrival. I waited for the ride to fill so I could watch the lights swirl in motion. As the carnies loaded all the teens, I tweaked. Adjusting shutter speed and aperture until I had what I felt would work once Big Beauty was in full motion.
When the time came I left the tripod behind and instead laid on the grass using my body as a tripod.
The trick to going sans tripod is to place as much of yourself on the ground or a wall (as a second choice). If you're standing make sure your knees aren't locked and you take a big breath before shooting. At this shutter speed the slightest movement would make the photo blur.

My first attempt at nighttime carnival or light shots. So much to learn and so much fun.
I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend. Sere will be posting something wonderful tomorrow. Let's all be sure to congratulate her on photographing her first wedding tonight.


*the references to carnival workers were made tongue in cheek. I love the carnival and all it's workers.*


  1. Great shot Brandi! I love the rainbow effect of the colors. We have a carnival tonight too. Hmmmm I may have to go out there and play.

  2. Excellent B. I'll have to see the others you took at some point. AND, I think we have to do more joint ventures. It was fun to have someone to chat with as I geeked out and received funny looks!

  3. Brandi, what a great shot... It is so much fun following this blog.