Friday, September 10, 2010

In the Wild - Friday Faces with Jay'me

Brandi Hijack-
Sorry Jay'me. We inturrpt the regularly scheduled post to bring you a reminder that we are still searching for our first guest photographer.
go HERE and tell us how the truck photo links back to this photo
and these 2 photos. Since, I was the photographer I can tell you the connections aren't difficult. Don't look to far into it.
We now return you to your regularly scheduled post already in progress.

So, I went out to my great backyard again. It's Faces Friday and I have old overgrown farm equipment in the fence line.... Easy breezy lemon squeezy! Well, I'm not so photogenic and the chipmunks were camera shy. The mosquitoes however were very happy for a last super !
I don't have a tripod right now. So being a "get her done" kind of gal, I wrapped my camera strap around a branch and played girl running in the woods.... This was the best of many bury blobs! I wish my eye was in better focus. The tree is a wonderful old oak tree that has it's untrimmed natural shape with branches swooping down and almost touching the ground.

Cannon Rebel
f 7.5
ISO 400

Just too tie in with our over grown theme, here's another shot from just beyond our backyard. This old plow is a relic and it's covered in these juicy ripe berries in their prime. It does set your brain a wondering; How many season have these berries come and gone on this antique? Wonderful patina and shiny bright red... I love it and I hope you do too !

ISO 400


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  2. Oh well! Live and learn. The above "removed post" doesn't completely go away when you delete it...
    I wanted to say under my name, Does anyone see the resemblance between Sere's truck and my "Grill" photo? One eye & half covered. I try to hard sometimes. I'm still having fun, hope you guys are too!

  3. Oh Jay'mers, you are forever cracking me up. I love your self portrait. Way to MacGyver your camera to do what you want it to do.
    Having a blast, every day with this blog. Learning, doing, and loving.
    The "junk" in your yard. I instantly pictured it after the first big snow. Not sure why, but now you must take a picture for me. :)

  4. Still having a great time learning and playing. I love the way you managed to get your self-portrait. Although I do have to say that I did also cringe while reading about what you did haha.