Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Must Keep Driving...

Cannon Rebel
f 7.1
no flash
ISO 400

I'm trying hard not to drop the ball.
I love your last few shots that were beautifully set up and executed. This weekend was nonstop driving for me. I snapped off a few shots here and there and in the end trying to fit a piece that goes with the last posts wasn't easy.
This shot represents the exact opposite of yours. I was doing 75-ish on the interstate when I took this. I wanted to stop but only had a few hours to get to where I was going. The sky was very interesting and dynamic.
Okay Scott, Tomorrow is Wednesday and you're on, I think with something as big as the sky, You're are options limitless. "The sky's the limit"


  1. I thought you had Monday? Anyway, great shot, especially considering you were traveling so fast. Look for Brandi's post tomorrow since I already posted today. We'll get back on track from there. Nice work Jay'me.

  2. How in the world did you capture this a 75? You've got mad talent.
    That sky is so beautiful it makes me want to climb in the plane and fly for days.

  3. Beautiful clouds! I love the pink coloring on the bottom side of the clouds. I was just checking out clouds the other night because of how beautiful they looked. Can't believe you got this shot while driving. You are crazy girl!