Tuesday, October 12, 2010

See like this

Nikon d40 kit lens @46mm
ISO 200
manual focus
natural light

So when Scott posted his photo yesterday I commented that I wanted to see the leaf against the bright blue sky. Here is a different leaf against a different sky at a different time of day but I wanted to see how it would look. In a picture perfect (read cash flush) world I too would have a macro lens and this photo would look remarkably different. Such is life.
Typically I shoot full manual with auto focus. Taking Scott's advice I flipped my camera to the macro setting and snapped off a few. As is typical for my camera it just didn't give me what I wanted. I find I have to 'force' my camera into submission and make it do what I want on a regular basis. I'm just working on understanding all the settings on my camera so I can quickly pin my camera and win the match, making my first shot the best shot. That doesn't come without practice, lots and lots of practice (this makes me happier than I can express).
So for me, for right now, I'm going to keep shooting in manual until I win the war I have silently declared on my camera. This is the lifestyle I have chosen, but as my very best friend is always saying
"my advice only works for me, do what is best for you."
Just keep shooting.


  1. I love the vivid colors! It is well done in my opinion.

  2. Pretty pretty pretty !
    Simple and sharp. How can we not love those two colors together ?

  3. Love it! Very clean, simple and beautiful. No fuss and no mess, great vibrancy. I love Fall!

  4. Good shot. It looks like you might have a little dust on your sensor (see upper right hand smudgy dot). I'm not sure how best to get rid of the dust (my sensor is filthy!) but I bet you could have edited this little spec out. Great shot though. Call Canada - I think they need a new flag!