Thursday, November 4, 2010

Black & White in Full Color

Untouched in shop
Cannon EOS
f 16
ISO 320

I wish I had Wordless Wednesday. I don't have too much to say. I'd rather post a ton of photos tonight. My computer was temporarily out of commission - Thank you honey for fixing it.
In light of our most recent posts my mind went to the dogs. Dalmatians that is. I was thinking Dalmatians and Holstein cows. I had to find a colorless - monochromatic friend. I don't have cows but I do know a horse that looks like one. (Sorry Oreo) She's a sweet mare that's the size of a small bus. You can seriously fit 6 people up there. She's huge!
I ended up shooting in Auto this afternoon. I promise, I did play around with my settings .(Scott & Brandi) Don't give up on me just yet.

Sorry everyone !
Can you see the horse head and neck design in her hair with her mane over it on her own neck? Looks like an Indian pony. had to share.

ISO 400Thank you Oreo!


  1. Ho, what a good nights sleep can do !
    I should have written why I was attracted to the top photo. Besides the composition well... Go ahead click on the first photo to enlarge it...
    Now what you're looking at horsemen know as the best place to bury your face for a hug. See how shiny and clean her fur stays there and It is the best smell on earth - right up there with the thanksgiving pumpkin pies or cookies in the oven. It's the true essence of a horse smell. It's a familiar "safe place" where I find happiness. Somehow seeing the blue sky and being next to these beasts of burden is like church to me. I renew my faith and settle my soul everyday here... Yep - I'm crazy and I'm not changing not one little bit.

  2. Love that first shot as well. That glimpse of blue sky is awesome! Great composition and what a beautiful horse. My she is a big one. Love her! I miss having horses! Beautiful.