Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My name is Brandi and I hate knees

Let's start with a little 3C1D business because let's face it once you all see the photo you hit the red x and move on. Don't you? Come on now, admit it.
We're not stupid we know you're just using us for our pretty pictures you don't really care what we have to say. It's all about the pretties. Nobody cares about what we have to say. Nobody loves me. *sobs, sniffle, sob, hiccup*

Whoa, sorry. I guess someone has some issues today. I'll try to keep my insecurities to myself next time.

Back to business.
The winner of the extended Wordless Wednesday is Justin!
Congratulations Justin. Send an email to 3chicks1dudephoto@gmail.com and we'll give you further instructions. I promise to make the process speedy and easy.

Another Wordless Wednesday will be coming up with Sere tomorrow. Lucky girl she's gotten it the last two weeks. Make sure you come back tomorrow and enter your name into the drawing.

More business.
I'm working on some revamping of 3C1D. The rules are going to stay the same. The characters too. But you're going to notice some easier ways to navigate, some fun interactive polls and more importantly some new costumes for our little guys up top.
We would love some feedback on what you guys would like to see. We're all about constructive criticism so please tell us your thoughts and ideas. We'll steal them as our own and incorporate them without giving you credit but you'll always know you were responsible. *kidding of course*
Send a comment or an email and tell us what you think we need to change, add or keep.

Stop your grumbling. The business is over and now it's time for the photo. Oh wait, you just scrolled until you saw the photo. You think you're so smart. I don't think so mister. I'm hip to your action.

Nikon D40 kit lens
exposure time 1/250sec
aperture f/5.6
ISO 200
focal length 50mm
spot metered
manual mode

When I looked at Scott's eyeball I got to thinking about other body parts. Parts that are beautiful, soulful and expressive much like eyes. I decided that there really isn't another body part that 'speaks' the way the eye does.
So I challenged myself. I said "Self, I challenge you to pick a body part and make it expressive, soulful and beautiful".
I knew I couldn't pick knees because those are the single ugliest body part ever. Elbows are second and since I was challenging myself I could tweak my 'rules' to suit my needs. I just love when I can do that.
I decided on hands. More importantly I decided on the hands of my husband and my three year old daughter.
To get the emotion I was looking for I wanted black and white. Knowing this I set my camera to black and white and shot off some photos (I love that function). Deciding to play it safe I turned it back on normal and fired off a few more.
I also wanted some type of spotlight. Having to work with time constraints and the attention span of a flea (my three year old does great but that husband of mine he sure does get antsy) I knew I was going to need to get some Photoshop action going on.
I took one of my black and white exposed shots, bumped up the contrast and brightness and then added in a spot light filter that I tweaked to suit my needs.
In the end, I congratulated myself, I made hands look beautiful, expressive and soulful.
Mission accomplished.


  1. bawling brandi, completely sobbing...a beautiful picture and moment...

  2. Tender and sweet. Well done-now go get that printed and framed and hang it up PLEASE.

  3. Very sweet, classic picture of the two of them. Love it. I'm with Jay'me, print and frame it. Beautiful.

  4. Love this photo B. Such tender expression. And captured so beautifully. My favorite of all your posts yet.

  5. Sure did scroll up to the top of the page- had to see if the little fellows had new duds!

    Anyway, awesome pic, Brandi! Full of soul.

  6. Thanks everyone! This one will absolutely be printed.

    @Missy, everything I wrote was directed at you. Trouble maker. :)