Monday, December 27, 2010

Playing the role of crazy lady with camera...

Is Brandi!
I was at it again today Kids. Putting myself in odd situations, talking with strangers and doing weird things all in the name of photography.
I went out this morning to run a few errands after dropping the 3 year old off at 'school'. I had my camera in tow (as I almost always do). I wasn't sure what I was going to photograph but I was on the look out.
There were more people out and about this beautiful Monday morning than there were on Christmas Eve. Seriously, people everywhere. Shopping, returning, watching.
I thought I should capture the moment in my own unique way.

Nikon D40 kit lens
shutter speed 1/20
aperture f/5.3
ISO 400
natural light

How many of you were out doing this same exact thing? Special thanks to the random person walking out the door for the use of their shoe in this photograph.
I knew I wanted motion, I wanted depth and I wanted black and white. No reasons I just wanted it. A little toying, slowing of the shutter speed, upping the ISO for a grainier photo and adjusting the aperture to keep everything in balance and voila...

My tie in to yesterdays photo from my brother is the bizarre, abstract viewpoint. He wanted something a little different and so did I.

Now that I have made you all wait for the big announcement...
The winner of last weeks Wordless Wednesday. has selected commenter 3. Jessi - I love this photo! It's beautiful. I see a tree in the picture from Tuesday. I hope that's a tree, I see. I think the connection is the tree in this one to the tree in Tuesdays.
Congratulations Jessi please email for further instructions.

My real intent to connect the two photos together was the use of light. Scott's photo was all about the light. I was hoping to achieve a little more 'sunflare' than I did but when standing in 10'' of snow when not properly dressed you adapt your standards quickly.
Great guesses everyone. Can't wait to get to know Jessi better.

Sere is up to dazzle tomorrow. I hear she finally got some snow down south. Maybe we'll see some of it.
Keep it real Kids.

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  1. This is awesomely fabulous and so coolio.
    Just checking to see what spell checker will allow!
    Really I love it and how brave of you to shoot the mad rush and busy strangers!