Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hi Sere here! I am celebrating the New Years with family right now. We are getting ready to eat and play some games. Hope your New Year is equally blessed.

Olympus Stylus Tough
Aperture F/3.5
Shutter Speed 1/2 sec.
ISO 250
No Flash, Straight out of the camera

My husband and I have been lucky the last couple of days to have spent them skiing and since I am not the best on skies I brought my point and shoot, shockproof, freezeproof camera to the slopes to be on the safe side, instead of my regular DSLR camera. My point and shoot definately has it's place in my world, but not necessarily for taking the best pictures, at least at low lighting conditions. Or I can't figure out how to do it the first time using this camera.

I was trying to show the ambiance of where we were in this shot. The champagne for New Years Eve, the fire in the background for warmth and the snow for our skiing adventure. We were in the "chalet" ski lodge for New Years Eve and the picture was facing outward to the hills. My connection to Brandi's shot was the champagne and/or drink.

Now I am off to enjoy family time! Cheers!

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