Monday, January 3, 2011

Back To Work-Now say Cheese!

Cannon Rebel XT
ISO 400

Yes, this looks fun! No, it's not easy! I'm selling Katie and I need photos to send people. This is the product/result of several attempts over two days. I decided I needed help. She just wants to climb on and kiss you then scoot around like a crazy woman.
I have a million white blurry spots with eyeballs I could send people. This puppy just turned 8 weeks old and got her first lesson on how to stand still. We coaxed her with cheese. She is actually a beautiful cream/champagne color. Flash makes her look white.
I will load a few fun candid shot on the overflow flicker account if I can today.
I need to practice photographing an egg against a dark background but then it wouldn't be running and jumping around like her then. Hmmm.
You know when you press the button half way down to set your camera and it's ready to instant shoot? Yah, well through that technique out here. She's too fast for that too!
I feel like I went hunting an elephant with a BB gun.
I love my pups and am proud to share with you the prize of a "good hunt" success!
Wish her well on finding the perfect home. Don't worry I screen people thoroughly.
Now it's Monday Get back to work!

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  1. Try shutter priority mode and bump up that shutter speed as much as you can. I also just let my pups loose and follow them around with the camera, snapping pictures as I see them doing things. It might be worth a shot. Good luck, I know exactly how difficult it can be haha.