Saturday, January 8, 2011


No I'm not confused (well.. nevermind). It is not Fathers Day nor is it my fathers birthday. They are separated by a few short days in June.
My very loose, connection to Scott's post is fatherhood.
Scott was a father taking a picture of his son and I am a daughter taking a picture of my fathers hands on the steering wheel of the family truckster.
Headed down 218 in Iowa last night, my dad kept us all safe contending with some whipping winds and periods of white out conditions.

Thanks Dad.

Nikon d40 kit lens
ISO 400
shutter speed 1/4sec.

Here's a question to all my fellow photographers out there. What could I have done differently to get better focus? The car is moving, I'm moving, the outside is moving and we're all moving differently. I tried a couple different things but in the end this was a sharp as I could get. Thoughts, ideas???

Hoping you're having a fun weekend. Maybe you're spending some time with your dad too.



  1. That's easy B. Spend thousands of dollars for a Nikon D3 and fast lens, thus allowing a higher ISO setting and larger aperture. Piece of cake! Seriously though, maybe a Joby Gorillapod would help. Other than that, you got me!

  2. My thought went along with Scott's, perhaps upping the ISO to 800. In any case, the content of the photo comes through clearly.

  3. I have nothing to offer in terms of photographic advice. I just really like the picture and the flood of memories it brings. How many times over the years have we made it to Iowa (and a million other places) and back safely and with Dad's hands on the wheel? I was always glad when Dad was driving over the river because Mom driving and hyperventilating at the same time made me a bit nervous.

    Great shot, Sister. Makes me think of the old Roger Miller tune "King of The Road".