Friday, February 4, 2011

Faces Friday with Jay'me

Cannon Rebel XT
no flash
ISO 400

All this snow... We have to enjoy it.
So, I had tons of ideas and I got to play with a very sexy camera today (New Cannon 50 D). But As it turns out I have my faithful model (Maddie) here with her bestest friend (Delaney) enjoying the snow just as they should.
I wanted to give you the frosty morning breath from my husband or or kids as they waited for the bus... You would think for as cold as it was this morning you could see our breath -NOT! I wanted to give you snow melting on someones tongue. Well, neither happened today. I'll keep on shooting for the stars and enjoy my little stars as I go. SNOW DAYS ROCK but I'm ready for normalcy and a nap.
Keep on enjoying the winter wonderland I know we will.

1 comment:

  1. Oh those happy faces! Great job capturing the fun those two wild girls were having.
    You can tell they are immune to the cold and wet. They're just out there loving the fun.
    Great job J!!