Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rosy Cheeks and Rosy Sunset

This photo is tied to the pink seen in Jay'me's post. I first noticed the pink hats, followed by the pink boots, gloves, scarves, and snow pants. I considered something snow related but decided I could use a technique I've read about which has you picking a background with color to shoot out of focus. Tonight it was a sunset. The foreground is a window in our family room with blown seals allowing condensation to form on the inside of the pane of glass. I was further inspired by some of the reading I've done recently concerning texture. I like the results and already have ideas for what I want to try the next time I try this technique.

Canon 30D
Canon EF 100mm f/2.8
Shutter 1/125
Aperture f/4.5
Exposure Compensation -1.0
Natural Light

I used a stop less on my metering due to shooting directly at the bright sky. I feel it really allowed for better contrast, color, and overall exposure. After messing with saturation and contrast I sharpened a bit and converted to JPEG from RAW and poof, here ya go!

I should also mention that I used an aperture less than wide open to increase the DOF just a touch. Sometimes I get carried away using wide open apertures and there is no recovering after the fact. What is something you do that might qualify as a bad habit? For me, it's without question using too wide an aperture.

Tomorrow we'll have Dan with us once more as the most recent "winner" from Wordless Wednesday. Can't wait to see what you do Dan!



  1. It's just a texture but I can feel the emotion. Does that make me strange? Don't answer that.
    Gorgeous color.
    Tell your wife I'm sorry this is the only pink she gets in an all boy house. She's welcome at my house anytime. We've got some princess costumes that would be perfect for her.

  2. Thanks for giving me something to chew on for my post!

  3. Textures fascinate me. This is an inspirational shot, as it's gonna motivate me to find more creative textures of my own. Thanks, Scott.