Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Little Spot of Color

I had an awfully hard time trying to figure out how to connect to yesterday's post for some reason. It's winter and snowy out here in the midwest and as such I have lots of winter, snowy type pictures that I have taken this week. Not much to connect with on those. I thought about doing friendship, but really who wants to see a picture of me.

I LOVE the flower in Jay'me's hair, a little spot of color during a cold winter. It made me think of this picture that I had taken a few days ago. One with a little spot of color in it as well.

Olympus Stylus Tough 3000
Aperture F/4.3
Shutter 1/5 sec.
Focal Length of 15mm

This picture was taken through the windshield of my husband's truck while I was waiting for him to get out of Lowe's. I was bored and playing around with the camera when I spotted this blue car next to all these white, black, and gray cars. It just totally stuck out.

Photography is not just about getting a technically good picture (of which this would NOT be a good example of) even though that is important. It is also about being able to spot things in the world around you that stand out and capturing them.

Jay'me is up next. Let's find out what she sees in the world around her.

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  1. That nearly-neon aqua car is such a standout... I liked what you wrote, too. Spotting what's begging to be photographed takes a good eye. Selecting a good subject is critical; if nobody wants to see a picture of X, it does not matter how technically perfect it is. That said, spplying excellent skills can make a good subject into a great photo.