Sunday, February 13, 2011

Is it coming?

Our latest Wordless Wednesday winner is here tonight. Welcome back to MamaLu.

She's been here before and needs no introduction.

Her thoughts in her words...

That startlingly aqua vehicle got me to thinking... And I thought too hard, and was torn between two shots...

We know that winter is NOT done yet! But we in Chicago (in Illinois, the Midwest) know the premise of spring in color and light amidst our monochromatic winter world.

This is Sox Park (US Cellular Field) just before sunset with its beautiful rosy-golden tones, taken from the city works building just west of the park.

This is the Chicago skyline from the Museum campus by Adler Planetarium taken just after sunset...

When the wind is less gusty I'm going to head back and retake these shots with tripod and with attention to depth of field.

I for one am beyond ready to start seeing signs of spring. This photo gives me hope.

Thanks for joining us Mamalu. Hope to see you again soon.



  1. Thanks again for the opportunity!

    My concept was to find a bright spot of warmth and spring bursting through our cold white winter environment. But I submitted the same shot twice instead of the two different shots that I could not decide on! If you want to see the skyline shot, I've added a link to my name.

    Meanwhile, I really enjoy your blog... Keep up the good work.

  2. Love the light reflected in the glass! Glad you were able to join us!

  3. I thought it was glass too from there, but I did not recall seeing that before. So I drove next door to the up-close parking lot... and it's not glass at all; it is just plain beige concrete (?)walls. But in just those couple of minutes, the "magic" glow of the sun was gone, and it was back to boring beige reality... Now that I have personally experienced that famed "golden hour" at sunset (also sunrise) I WANT it now and don't want to settle for less! It is amazing!

  4. Amazing how that works. Haha that is so very true! And you can't really recreate that kind of lighting with anything else I don't think.