Monday, February 14, 2011

Gloves Up & Keep Your Eye on The Ball !

Well, This was fun. I set up baseballs to make them look as one soaring into focus. I ended up falling in love with the curves and stitching. The oldest ball that I had set in the background to be less bright was really most interesting to me, and soon became my subject.

I hope you enjoy the "architecture" and craftsmanship as I did. Thanks to MamaLu, I got to study them a little closer... This is straight off the camera and only cropped. I used the kitchen can lights set on dimmers and played with my speeds and depth of field. Below is a small sample of what I intended to do originally. If I could figure out how to roll and ball have stop on a tape trap without bobbling, I would try this with a long exposure and ONE ball.
Keep your eye on the sky !

Cannon Rebel XT
f 5.0
ISO 200

f 5.6


  1. Ooh, how I love baseball... Nice baseball shots! It's making me thing spring!! 8-)

  2. That is a very interesting idea... one I will have to try! I love the way your photos came out. Thanks!

  3. Jay'me these are some of my favorites of yours yet! The dirty, gritty ball feels so loved. Terrific lighting and full frame composition.