Friday, April 8, 2011

More Underlighting

I knew immediately after seeing B's post that I was going to play with underlighting. It's actually something I really enjoy doing and I've been thinking about trying again. So thanks Brandi! I needed a push.

For this shot, I traced the glass on some black paper, cut out the shape, and placed the glass over the hole on a glass table. From below, I held a flashlight with LED bulbs and shot using a tripod and the timer setting. It's not really the ideal set-up but I liked it.

Canon 30D
Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L at 70mm
Aperture f/10.0
Shutter 1/2
ISO 100
Underlight from flashlight

I was hoping for more bubbles but owing to the tonic being a little flat, bubble were scarce. It's probably a good thing. Bubbles would have blurred unless I really upped the ISO and shutter speed.

Now I'm off to drink this Gin and Tonic. You probably all think I'm an alcoholic! Naw, I just drink because it makes good pictures! It's supposed to be warm this weekend (they even say 80!) so I know I'll be out. Will you? Happy Friday - crap, I was supposed to do a face. Oh well, too late now!


PS - I didn't use my Macro!

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  1. VT anyone? I'm totally Jones-ing for one now... Oh! It's what you do to me at 9:am, thanks Scott! I really loVe it. Very well done. Bravo to the Cannon man!