Monday, May 30, 2011

Repeat, Repeat.... Late.

Nikon D40
f 11
Natural light
ISO 200

So, yes, you have seen the sister shot to this "Fuzzy Buzzy Bee". And, Yes, I'm the official blog dumb ass! I've officially disproved any blond theories as I'm a brunette! Thank you blondies. I do have two busy children and too much on my plate, but hell, I'm no more stressed then anyone else in our 3C1D family. We went camping this weekend and someone forgot her camera. ARRRG! I had the opportunity to photograph two wild fawns, hours old while they lay there perfectly still, just inches away with there huge eyes wide open. NOPE NO CAMERA - DUMB ASS!
This shot does follow up very well as it allows us to study those normally blurry beautiful wings.
Today is Memorial Day and I'm sure there's a meaningful shot that will follow shortly. I don't want to hold up my fellow bloggers so please don't hesitate to post when you're ready today.
PLEASE enjoy your day and make it a great one!

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