Thursday, June 2, 2011

Talkless Thursday with Sere

Ooops!! My BIG, HUGE, mistake of totally missing my day yesterday. Time ran away from me and well, no excuses, it just is. I apologize to all! I am putting this picture up for our guests to guess on the connection to Scott's picture, for a chance to have a guest appearance on 3C1D. The connection can be just about anything, let your imaginations run!

If my fellow photographers want to do something else today or put their own picture up, I'm totally okay with that. Don't let my mess up, mess up your day. I just wanted to have something up, just in case.

Make your guesses and have some fun!!

Ready! Set! Go!

Nikon D90
Aperture F/6
Shutter Speed 1/2500 sec.
Lens Tamron 18-200mm @112mm
Natural Lighting, Shutter Priority Mode, RAW



  1. Hey all.. I was wondering if you could recommend a camera to me that won't break my bank, have me sell my last kidney (the other one went for gas money) or my first born (he's 17 so he might be worth something by now).

    I really loved photography when I was younger until my sister dropped my $2,000 Minolta in a creek on a road trip with her friend.. gahhhh since then (15 years ago) I've been using cruddy point & shoots.. and I don't have to tell you all.. IT'S NOT THE SAME!! WAHHH.. so my hubby owes me a push present (for birthing his daughter last June), a birthday gift from last October, & a Mother's Day gift.

    Any help/direction/push you can give me would be much appreciated!! :) TIA

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