Monday, August 23, 2010

Floating Away

Before I get to today's photo I want to ask you all for some extra thoughts, prayers and love for one of our Chicks.
Sere, as you all know, lives in rural America. Her husband is a farmer and they are a farm family. Working hard everyday to carve out a little (or well, huge) piece of land to grow something for the world to enjoy.

Last night around 7pm CST the machine shop housing the tools for the farm caught on fire and was destroyed. The shop is the closest building to Sere's home. Fortunately, no one was injured and her prized Siberian Huskies were all safe as well.

In a world where your success is directly linked to the tools you have loosing a machine shop is a devastating blow. Please say and extra prayer, send some extra love or just some kind thoughts for Sere and her family as they navigate through the mess that will come.

Now without further adieu,

Nikon d40
18-55 1:3-5.6
1/250 at 46mm
ISO 200

I had quite a few ideas on what I wanted to do as a follow up to Scott's post. A few of them were a little more PG-13 building on the "moon" in Scott's photo. Around mid-day I was feeling a little despondent and couldn't quite get my "mo-jo" going. Thankfully I have a wonderful little girl that wanted to play outside in the beautiful sunshine on a gorgeous 78degree evening.
After numerous trips down the driveway on her bike we moved on to bubbles.

Ah Ha! Bubbles! BINGO

Watching them swirl around capturing the light from the sun, casting colors about just like a kaleidoscope.


Taking photos of bubbles floating in the sky was pretty tough with the equipment I have. There wasn't enough depth in any of the photos.
As I laid in the grass feeling a little discouraged once again, I noticed a bubble just sitting perfectly atop a few blades of grass.

I knew I wanted to capture only the bubble in focus so I went wide open (f5.3 - sure would have been nice to have the f1.4 but...). My auto focus (the only auto I use on my camera) couldn't find the bubble so I had to do the focus manually. Not my strong suit given the fact that I wasn't wearing my glasses but I feel strong with how it ended up.

A calm, peaceful, delicate bubble, resting on the soft blades of grass in the remainder of the beautiful setting summer sun.

Where are you going to take us next Jay'me? Can't wait for the journey.


  1. Love this one Brandi! I know you must have worked quickly to compose because we all know bubbles don't last long setting on any surface much less the grass. The glow of the late evening sun was captured nicely on the blades of grass too.

  2. Thank you for the shout out for prayers Brandi! We appreciate it. We're starting the clean up process and Chad and Dad are down here helping among others that show up.

    As for your picture I LOVE the bubble on the blades of grass. That is so hard to catch because they either float away or burst so quickly and the clarity of the bubble is awesome! I actually like the slightly less blurred look for this pic. It gives it a great summer, sunshine feel.

  3. I just love it.
    It's warm and sweet.
    Your bubble has a beautiful iridescence (like the moon).
    So, so, sweet... I could get long winded but the kiddos are hopping on the bus and I'm doing an all day trailering trip again. I'm taking my camera and doing what I can.

    Sorry you had a scary event and I'm glad everyone if safe. I hope you have a good farming community around you to lend you a hand.

  4. Great job Brandi! And I would say you did well enough with the focus to warrant another look at the f/1.8 lens...just a thought. And I'm thrilled with the fact the bubble didn't pop. Not sure how you managed that but I love it!

    Plus, you sort of mirrored the composition of the previous photo. The kaleidoscope was in the right of the frame and your bubble is on the left. I really like the symmetry of the two pictures together. I wonder how they would look framed side by side - the cool colors of the night with just a splash of warmth from the reds and ambers verses the warm colors of day with just a touch of blue reflected from the sky. Really nice photo Brandi.