Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our Fiery Inferno

Yet again I am doing something a little different for my blog post tonight. Our family had a loss last Sunday of my husband Jonny's machine shop. The entire building was destroyed by a fire. Once I realized that all I could do was watch, I pulled my camera out to document.

I know that God allows things like this to happen for a reason, even if we don't understand it. But as in everything in our lives, even in this disaster for our family, we could see his hand in all of it. I have to Thank God for the fact that nobody was injured or killed in the fire. Jonny was not out in his shop working and Colton wasn't running around playing. I also have to Thank God for his timing because had it been a week or two later the combine would have been in the shop getting worked on for harvest. To loose the combine would have been a total disaster for our family as far as equipment and machinery goes. So in all things God is in control and his plan is in everything. I just wish he would send us the memo.

I am going to post several pictures in chronological order with the time above them to show everybody exactly how fast this fire happened. All of these were taken with a zoom lens from my porch. So here it goes.....

7:47pm the fire is going strong, fire engines have been called and already there is not anything we could do. We could feel the heat from our house about 350 feet away.

This next picture is at 7:49pm and already the fire has made it through the entire building and is now coming out the southside doors of the building.

Third picture is roughly a minute or so later at 7:50pm. This will help to show you the size of the flames.

Picture four is at 7:51pm and you can see that flames have gotten bigger and are starting to consume more of the building.
Picture five at 7:53pm you can see the flames consuming the walls of the building. All in a matter of about 6 minutes. Still no fire truck yet either.

Finally shortly after 8pm the firemen arrived. Yep we are very rural. It takes the firemen roughly twenty minutes to get to us. Several of our neighbors showed up before they were able to. In this picture the firemen are beginning to try and put the fire out.

After the fire had been mostly put out the firemen knocked over whatever remaining walls were still left standing. Probably so they would not collapse and cause any injuries. The entire machine shed gone in less then 45 minutes.

Clean up begins with the removal of the walls and then it is sorting through what we can salvage. But I think I will save those pictures for a later time. Until then.

Can anybody tell me what this is? Winner might get something if I can remember to figure something out to give you, haha. Speaking of adorable things in the grass and to show you that I have not completely forgotten the rules of 3ChicksandADude photo blog, here is my final picture of the post for your enjoyment.

Nikon D2x

Focal Length 55mm

F8, 1/60secs.

Natural Lighting

This would be our adorable puppy Nanook. I couldn't leave everybody on a down note now could I? So enjoy all the blessings in life and cute, furry puppies always help, no matter what. I just wanted to thank everybody for all the prayers that have been sent our way and for the help that we have received with the clean up. God is in charge and he knows what the deal is. I am now going to go and celebrate my hubby's birthday with good food and VERY yummy cake.

Scott you're up next!


  1. Its crazy how fast things go. We had a fire when I was about 7. The entire night is imprinted in my brain.

    I think I know what that is. I am sure if I showed it to Tom he would know for sure. So, I'll refrain from answering since I have a pretty good idea what equipment you have. :) See you next week!

  2. I think its a static lawnmower....


  3. This brings tears to my eyes. What a traumatic night. I'm glad everyone was safe enough you were able to shoot it.
    I love your puppy...
    Is that an old corn picker ?

  4. It saddens me to see these pictures. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Jonny as well as the rest of your family.

    Is that a tractor?

  5. Thanks all! Scott and Mark you just might be correct :0).

    See you next week Angie!

    Thanks Jay'me, he's pretty cute.

  6. So, I've had a hard time looking at these photos. I'm just so grateful that you all are safe.
    The fire itself, when I can separate it from being so close to your home, is awe inspiring. So powerful, so strong and yet it dances softly on the wind. From the sharpest red to the lightest blue. Another amazing force in the universe.
    The picture of Nanook, is beautiful. For some reason I keep focusing on his tongue. I can almost feel how rough it must be. Bizarre, I know.

  7. Okay, I know exactly what it is. Clint knew immediately what it was and even went into details about it. LOL!

  8. Hahaha Ang! Now we're looking for a new lawn mower and in the meantime we're borrowing from Jonny's Uncle.