Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Objects In The Mirror

Nikon d40
Lens 18-55 1:3.5-5.6GII
ISO 200
focal length 40mm

So I spent the day at the Milwaukee Zoo with my best girl K and my parents. We had a terrific time and there was certainly plenty of things to inspire my creativity. I probably annoyed the daylights out of my parents with my constant camera clicking.
For the first time since we started this I had a really hard time deciding which photo I wanted to use.
I sat down tonight with my 200 photos from my day and went through them. Sorting out the bad from the good (which fortunately the bad numbers are decreasing rapidly thanks to this experience) and trying to find ones that I felt would build nicely off Sere's previous waterfall in motion.
In the end I narrowed it down to 3 strong possibilities. I'm not going to "pull a Scott" and break the rules I forced myself to chose just one. Girls are just better at making tough decisions :) If you're interested in seeing the other contenders in my group you can check them out on my other blog.

I chose this photo because of the motion. Motion just kept speaking to me. Strangely it wasn't the water, it was the motion of the water. So in this photo not only am I moving, doing 70mph down HWY 43 in my parents mini-van, but the photo shows the movement of the pavement and my surroundings. I took about 15 of these photos, this one won out because I was finally able to capture only the objects in the mirror in focus. I've been working hard at narrowing my point of focus and capturing a truly sharp photo. While this photo isn't as sharp as it could be (taking photos through windows is never easy for crispness) it does achieve my narrow focus, at least I think so.

So there you have it... Motion...

Oh and with expection of a small bump in sharpness for better web viewing I made no modifications to this photo.


  1. Nice work! I love the other photos as well! Wish we could have joined you. I've always wanted to do something from the car, similar to what you've done. Maybe I'll get a chance today. Alright, gotta get thinking!

  2. Great Shot Brandi! I love the clearness of the reflection. I've tried to take pictures this way, in one I got a neat sunset shot. I loved the elephant shot from werewitty!