Thursday, August 12, 2010

SO INCREDIBLE... No, not the photo

The Photo is average. The fact that I'm blogging OUT OF THIS WORLD !!! I worked (FOR CASH)all day and I'm now remembering what Brandi so graciously taught me yesterday and TA DA !!!
Yes the picture is from Fort Lauderdale. I loved the "Silver lining" on the thunder boomers and tried to capture a piece. If I could wall paper my ceiling in this I would. Then lay there with my noise machine and relax.

I did play with my settings this week and got a ton of crap that was erased and is long gone. I'll catch on - good things are coming - I can feel it.

Edit to add info -
Cannon Rebel
Shutter 1/500
focal length 55mm
no flash
ISO 320


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  2. Awesome job Jay'me. Beautiful sky just like in Scott's previous. Having the tree in the photo adds such depth to the picture, you can feel just how big the clouds were.
    I went in and edited in the stats for you :)
    Congratulations Jay'mers! I'm so proud of you and your first blog that required no phone calls or texts. Rockstar!

  3. I'm not 3cks1dude... Not sure how that happened

  4. Nice work Jay'me! Those look like incredible clouds. Nothing like some good atmospheric turbulence to remind us of our place in the world. I'm thrilled you posted this without help. It's a blast isn't it? As for me, I enjoy it more every week! Alright, lets see what Sere has.

  5. Wow! Awsome photo Jay'me! You instantly feel right under that cloud. Love the contrast from the dark palm through all the different layers and textures of the clouds ending in the bright center. Very nice! Great job on the maden voyage of the SS Jay'me Blogger too.

  6. Way to go Jay'me! I love the palm tree silhouette here. I also love how you caught the sunshine on the edges of the clouds gives some nice depth.