Monday, August 9, 2010

Water, water everywhere!

Nikon D2X
ISO 400
Shutter 1/15s
Lens 18-70mm at 29mm
Speedlight SB800 with Gary Fong Diffuser on it
I started thinking about what photo I was going to take today, not having seen Scott's post from Sunday so I was going off of the post from Saturday. In any event, crazy enough we both went for waterfalls. Course I went a different direction but still waterfalls.

So my mind was on showing motion and immediately I thought about water and trying to show the motion of water. Of course this idea came to me while I was driving my two hours to Iowa City to return some stuff and check out Eddie Bauer's new fall line. Alas my OCD kicked in and I had to keep pushing it to the back of my mind. Heading home I realized that I still had to go grocery shopping and of course feed my child. The feeding of my child went quick, we pulled into good ole Mickey D's. I hate it but I wanted quick so yes I fed my child junk so I could go and play with my camera. Is that so wrong? By the time all that was done I was running out of light so I packed up my junk and drove to David's Chamber outside of Nauvoo Illinois which is a small, cute waterfall so I could get shots of moving water. Took several shots quickly and didn't really get any shots that I liked. So I chose one of the okay shots to post. I need to get more practice in. Not as beautiful as Scott's picture but hopefully you get the sense of motion, which is what I was going for.
Not sure who is going next Brandi or Jay'me. Looking forward to seeing what either one of them post next.


  1. There is nothing wrong with feeding the kid MCD's so you could play camera. I've been known to let my kid eat dirt so I could get in the "right" shot. I commend you!
    Love the motion. You captured it beautifully.
    Time for my OCD to kick in and make me a crazy photo fool. What to do... what to do...???
    And you know how jealous I am of the speedlight and diffuser. I seem to remember a certain party not all that long ago where I took your SL, put it on my camera and tried to run away.
    Way to make it happen!

  2. Nicely done Sere! Love the motion. And the flower is a great twist! Don't you hate it when the light runs out? Thank goodness for speedlights! Watch out for Brandi though. She's sounding like she has itchy hands!

    So I'm wondering when all 4 of us will get together for a photography walk of some sort. I'm thinking maybe this fall, when the leaves start to turn. And it has to be a large chunk of time seeing as I think we all could spend weeks with our cameras. Start thinking 3 chicks - it's something that must be done!

  3. I messed with the code Sere to make the photo larger. I hope you don't mind. I thought the photo was certainly worth enlarging!