Thursday, October 28, 2010

Burning the Midnight Pumpkin

Cannon EOS
Shutter speed 0.60000 (?)
f 5.6
ISO 400

The shutter speed felt very slow but the info shows me this ridiculous number- Hmmm? (Help)

Yes, I played in the bathroom with fire and mirrors and all the setting on my camera. No, I didn't need the extinguisher nor did my children whiteness me playing with fire in the house!!! Though I got some neat shots of simple dancing flames, They looked "Christmas". I'm not ready for that yet!!! I ended up outside with my pumpkin in the dark. The pumpkin itself is one I carved (scored) oak and maple leaf designs in earlier this week. I actually now see a face when I look at the photo - spooky...
Other than cropping I didn't adjust the photo.

Have fun Scott...
Thank you,


  1. First, your artistic skills with a pumpkin make me green with envy.
    I have no idea what your shutter speed could mean. It must be a Cannon thing. Yucky, stinky, smelly, Cannon thing. *teasing... mostly*
    Great job building Jay'me. Love that you took the time to put together a cool shot and learn something new. You've come a long way Baby!

  2. The pumpkin is smiling ;0)! Not sure about the shutter thing either. I haven't had that issue with my Nikons, haha. Have to needle you Canon people a little. I am impressed with your carving skills and your picture here. Nice job!

  3. I'm a total slacker but I'm finally getting around to commenting. Well done Jay'me! You continue to push yourself in new directions and I love it! I see the face too - bonus effect.

    I don't know that this is needed (as the effect you have here is great) but if you held a piece of white paper or cardboard over the pumpkin, you might have filled in the shadows a bit and gained some detail. And because it's reflected light, it would match the color and be diffused enough to keep the awesome shadows intact. Just an idea and something this psycho would have tried, just for fun. Great work!