Sunday, October 24, 2010

Head/Camera-less Horseman

iphone 3GS
ISO 64
This kids is the second camera phone post. Thank you Sere for the idea, but I can't hold my puppy in my lap. I love hanging out with this guy and thought this picture was interesting to look at. I think I captured the only break in the clouds and spot of sun that day. I like the shapes and sometimes less is more. This leaves a lot to be imagined as far as a story goes...
I'll be calling Brandi's Scott to get her into a new camera so I can buy her old one REAL SOON!
Sorry all for the short and late post. I hope you enjoy the picture that I think is a little spooky for Halloween... Have fun Scott L. You're it!

1 comment:

  1. I missed this in here somehow. I love the shadow. I think it really emphasizes how big Nefarious is. I'm uber jealous of your iphone camera capabilities. I'm working on getting you the d40 but in the mean time shoot with what you've got girlie!