Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Faces with....*drum roll please*


Stop your crying! Scott will be here tomorrow. Yes, you really can wait a day to see his work, it won't kill you. I promise.

**stay until the end for a special announcement**

When I told Scott that I took some photos at my daughters school Halloween parade we thought we would switch days so we could show off some cute kids for this edition of Friday Faces.

Nikon d40 18-55
Shutter speed 1/100
Aperture f4.5 @32mm
ISO 800

I took a ton of photos during the parade. Getting 14 2-3 year olds to listen, smile and pose is the single most difficult thing to do. Ever. Factor in my cameras inability to handle low light situations, like being inside a school and you have some yellow cast photos.
I knew when I went through them I was going to have to do something I don't often do. I was going to have to do a little heavy editing. sigh... I much prefer to let the photo speak for itself with a quick brighten, sharpen or a little boost.
I played with a couple different things and ended up giving this what I call a newspaper feel. Not completely black and white but not sepia either.
In the end, I hope the girls smiling faces and bright eyes carry the photo. Two friends, sharing in the excitement of a special day. What could be better than that?

I get to be the lucky person to announce that we are extending this weeks Wordless Wednesday. Go here and enter your name. You don't even have to make a correct guess. You just have to put your name in the hat. It's easy, it's fun and it won't cost a thing. Where else can you find that type of entertainment?
So stop making excuses and go!!!

See ya next time!!



  1. I love this shot - So suspenseful. I can here the oooh & awwhs happening. What a couple of precious cuties! Awesome Friday, thank you for sharing Katie and her friend.

  2. That's a really challenging setting with success dictated to a large degree by your equipment. I think you did very well! Think what you might have done a couple years ago. It seems you've learned a ton! Now, about your equipment problem...Haven't figured that one out yet.

  3. Adorable kiddos! And I really like your not quite black and white, not quite sepia tone going on. Nice job. Always love to see Katie as well, she's growing up so fast!! Not right!

  4. I went to the Nikon School today. Totally worth it. I could see everyone taking something away, whether beginner or experienced. The two teachers were excellent presenters and both had thirty plus years of photjournalisitic experience and were in on the ground floor of the digital age. Oriented toward Nikon products but definitely generalizable to all.