Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oh My Spindles

no flash
no tripod
no fun - okay a little
f 2.8
ISO 80

By George I've got it... All of us iphone photo enthusiasts really need iphone tripods. They will look like your iphone shell meets business card holder with legs. I don't think $ millions are in my future with that one.
About the picture: This is the back of an Amish made cherry chair. I really had to be steady, keep adjusting the dimmer switch in my kitchen, and move most of my clutter around so I could have a clean backdrop in a decent light source. yep a real TECHNICAL process!
The colors in the final product were pretty distracting. The background color came off as dirty salmon pick with my iphone. I'm starting to feel as though I'm reliving my high school photo class. All my pictures have been black and white lately. Back then all we wanted was to break into color. There's something to say about the simplicity and raw artistry involved in black and white. Composition becomes my major focal point. I think this should always be a the major component of every photographers thought process as they click away.
I'm glad I'm not in the dark room. However, it was fun and I'm glad to be reminded of it.

Please revisit yesterdays Wordless Wednesday with Sere and take a crack at solving her mystery of the connection to Tuesdays post.
My connection to Sere's post is the vertical composition. I purposely moved away from iron and went to wood. Keeping it fresh, you know?
I would love to team up with my fellow 2 chicks and pachyderm and work in my forge while they shoot hot steel and sparks. (Hint, Hint)
No matter what - Keep on clicking on...


  1. In terms of iPhones.. This is the best photo i've seen come out of them.. Great job honey!!

    You're loving husband....


  2. You got your iPhone mojo rolling J! Perfect angle on the shot, it's like the spindles go on forever. Well done.