Wednesday, January 26, 2011

For Jay'me

Another non-typical Wordless Wednesday. Jay'me's beautiful daughter Maddie had a routine surgery today and Jay'me is down for the count. I (Brandi) am happy to step in for her. This is photo I took of Jay'me on Monday doing what she does.

A photo of Jay'me for Jay'me. It's just how I roll.

Little different contest today.
Take a moment to wish Maddie well in the comments below and be entered in this weeks guest photographer race. For extra bonus points (which get you nothing but my adoration) guess what I was thinking ties Sere's photo yesterday with my photo for today.

Ready... set... go....

Nikon D40 kit lens
aperture f/4.5 as low as it will go
Shutter speed 1/20 - way to slow
ISO - 800 as high as I dare to go
natural light - horribly tragic natural light

Brandi the poet


  1. Hope your up and running soon Maddie! Good work chicks - photo and painting. Double threat baby.

  2. Hoping for a quick recovery for you Maddie!

    I love this. She is looking so serious and into the painting. And it is a beautiful painting! I want that skill!

  3. Hope all is well for Maddie (and Jayme). Connection is maxxing out the camera.

  4. Thank you for your well wishes. She is such a wonderful patient and quite the trooper! She actually contracted a croopy cough that her brother stayed home from school today as well with. She is healing well from her adenoid-ectomy, tonsillectomy,and nasal reconstructive surgery despite the annoying painful cough.
    Chins are up, spirits are high, & little people are on the road to recovery!
    Thank Brandi yet again for carrying the team !

  5. Get well fast, Maddie! I like this "action" shot of the artist at work!