Friday, January 28, 2011

My Happy Place

This week has loosely been about things that make us happy. Scott's flower, Jay'me painting, Sere's sweethearts.
This edition of Friday Faces is all about my happy place and the people that put a smile on my face everyday and keep me from loosing my mind.

Meet Kim, the local barista at my Starbucks. She is one of many fantastic people that happily make me my grande non-fat, no-whip cinnamon dolce every morning.

Kim, my coffee and a drive-thru... nothing makes me happier.

Nikon d40 kit lens
ISO 400
aperture f/4.5
shutter speed 1/400

The only real challenge in this shot was getting the photo quickly. The 830am coffee crowd would lynch me if I took too long.

Thanks Kim for being such a great sport. See you tomorrow.

Wordless Wednesday is still open click here to enter this weeks contest. I'll be announcing the winner on Monday when I share Amanda's most recent guest photo.

Have a terrific weekend. May it be filled with happiness.



  1. Well done B. I'm not sure how you did this fast enough to avoid a caffeine deprived lynching but bravo. Not easy.

  2. Nice job with getting a stranger to allow you to photograph them again, very brave. I meet strangers all the time but still have a hard time asking to photograph them.