Monday, January 24, 2011

Wild Orchid

Well... I got it at the grocery store so it isn't really that wild but it's an orchid. An orchid that is indigenous to Hawaii. Hence, my tie in.

Nikon d40 kit lens @ 48mm
ISO 400
Shutter speed 1/5sec
Aperture f/5.6
kitchen light and supplemental living room light

I should have taken a pull back photo of this little mini photo shoot. I'm heating up the spicy sweet chili that our friend Josh brought over for dinner. I've got cornbread in the oven and I'm cutting up the brownies for dessert. All the while, I've got the tripod sitting in the kitchen, a potted orchid plant sitting on a stool in front of the only white space we have in our house (a door). Miss K, my 3-year old is eating dinner, Josh and my husband are talking in the living room. I'm using my remote to fire off a couple shots. Occasionally, walking past making adjustments and such. I decide there isn't enough light in the kitchen so I grab a lamp out of the living room, walking right past the boys chatting. Pay no attention to the crazy lady with the lamp.

The food was delicious. The photo was well... adequate. I wish I had gotten my potted orchid a little earlier in the day so I had some natural light. I also wish I had a macro lens so I could really have had fun with this beauty. But isn't that the nature of photography? Always wishing you had something more, different, better.... What do you wish you had? What piece of photo equipment, kitchen gadget, book, tool, accessory are you coveting?



  1. Beautiful picture! I don't think you needed a macro in this case, I like it the way you took it. A soft focus might look nice for this shot. You know I'm coveting a macro lens.

  2. did enter this into the PW competition right? Yeah, you need a macro, but honestly, I think you did a bang up job with this one. I've always had a hard time with orchids, I don't know why. They are one of the most stunning flowers around. But I can't seem to capture it well. With this shot, I think you captured it perfectly. Nice work! And get the Macro!!! (or canon camera so you can borrow mine...>-) hehe

  3. Seriously Scott is right. You should enter this! It is beautiful! Even without the macro lens which I am right there with you coveting. Le sigh...