Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fallen log

Nikon D40
Natural Light
ISO 400

Well Mr. Blog wants to be difficult today and not let me use the normal format.
As long as you can read it I'm happy.
We too have a log and it's this wonderful soft "fuzzy" log behind our house. It's about a 20 foot long piece that fell from a cluster still standing. It is completely covered in new life and has a forrest of sorts grown all over it. Small mushrooms and several types of moss cover it. The log as a whole is worthy of a post itself but it's the up close study that is so intriguing to me. I included a few blades of grass for a size gauge. I was able to get part of the woods this tree once stood with in the back ground. If you're able to enlarge this photo by clicking on it it's worth a closer look. My daughter and I studied this and all it's glory for quite some time, what a treat to try and answer all her questions!

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