Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Knarly Looking Tree

My son and I were at a park a few days ago and there was this really cool looking log there. I absolutely LOVE funky looking trees, so I tried to capture the knarly looking knobs and humps this log had.

Nikon D2X
Aperture F/9
Shutter Speed 1/640 sec.
Lens 18-70mm at 44mm
Natural Lighting, Aperture Priority, Filter

I turned the picture to black and white, for fun and to connect it to Scott's more, although I suppose log and leaves would have been connection enough. But I do enjoy playing with my filters, so I used a high contrast black and white filter just to kick up the roughness of this log a bit. I may have overdone it, but I like the look.

I had planned on going back to the log to retake some pictures without children running around and screaming, but it rained on me today, so I couldn't get out.


1 comment:

  1. I was "stumped" at first because it looks like a gator. Really cool shot!