Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yep it's here!

Nikon D40
ISO 200

Meet Mama Squirrel. She's been busy digging up her winter stash all over our yard. I have some shots of her forward facing that are a little "National Geographic" if you know what I mean? She looks like she needs a nursing bra for Oct-o-mom and this kids is how I know "It's" really hear. BABIES! Spring has sprung for her. Unfortunately for you I think someone needs a telephoto lens... What do you think my fellow bloggers, Could I have set "Nikky Ninon" differently to get her more in focus and better resolution? I gave up and went auto because I was moving and so was she. I'm not good on the fly and moving targets yet.
Originally I was just going for the red squirrel in the grass to tie in the subject matter with Sere's cinnamon puppy with the grass blades. But she has babies and it's that time of year. Do you see our green grass? The mower will be used this weekend! The air around us smells like spring and the weather has been crazily changing. It's hard not to get a little caught up in the excitement.
Have and great Friday!

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