Monday, May 16, 2011

Do You Know What this Represents?

Nikon D40
ISO 400

Nope, it's not a crystal ball. Nope, it's not just a neat bubbly mess of ball. This is the heavy ass ball I dropped. Pretty isn't it? As I was shooting it this morning, all I was thinking "I dropped the stinkin ball". I sat up in bed at @ 4:am and said CRAP! Came out to a camera I forgot to charge then plugged in the battery while I put my shot together. What I started yesterday didn't get posted. My daughter has a holy volcanic rock I thought was perfect. It didn't look like much so I knew I was shooting this glass ball and damn it, life kept me busy and my pea sized brain never lead me back to my blogger job.
I was not going to show the edges of this and focus in on the bubbles. Since my epic fail, the subject/title needed a ball.

Yesterday was cold and crapy. This morning seems glorious and sunny. I hope you all stay on track & make it a great day, lord knows that is my only goal today.
I'm going to make my much needed coffee now.

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