Friday, May 20, 2011

Like father Like Son

What's with the tongue?

Nikon D40
Morning light
ISO 400

Look who's all cool with music wired straight to his brain... Preteen is super going to kill me. Wow, he was deaf before. Now I need one of those extend-a-arms so I can tap or whack him when I need his attention. Someone got an ipod and is very happy about it. It's not me.
He was out this morning yelling, because he can't hear himself talking, "Mom, watch me! "
I knew I needed a face today and this mornings sun was perfect. I did line myself up with a tree as our back ground to tie us in with Sere's post yesterday. Other than that, I just shot, while he did his his thing.
My kid does the same thing his father does while he's concentrating, Peyton sticks out his tongue. I didn't realize how much until I studied these shots. I can't wait to share these with him, he'll get a kick out of this.

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